Composad, ambassador of Made in Italy in China

The company of Saviola Holding will attend the prestigious fair „Furniture China – Shanghai 2015“ scheduled for next September. It will be the occasion for Saviola Holding to confirm its excellence thanks to other important Italian partners too.

On September the Italian design concept by Saviola Holding will be shown also in Asian markets.

Composad (B.U. RTA furniture of Saviola Holding) founded in 2000, in few years has became the first Italian producer in RTA furniture market, it will be present in China from 9th to 12th September, participating at Shanghai Furniture Fair. It’s the first time that this company will exhibit its products there, an other international event, in which Saviola Holding affirms its new commercial strategy even more focused on world wide markets. “China – as explain by Composad Managing Director, Mr Alberto Donvito – can’t be longer considered only a commercial opportunity to import useful products and semi-finished products at low cost, instead we consider this country (but in general Asian market) as a real opportunity to export the best of “Made in Italy” and focusing on Composad , we want to show our new concept: Italian Home Design „.

Composad, in Shanghai, will propose product linings suited to home furnishing solutions, from bedroom to living, without neglecting home office. All the exhibits have been launched this year and already tested, with great success, in markets where Composad has a long commercial experience: Germany, France, Northern Europe and Middle East.

Therefore the international deal of Saviola Holding is going on, as also the strengthening of partnership with companies those share Composad same values.

The target is the development of commercial synergies between Italian companies starting from different products but each one represents an example of Italian excellence: a value that needs to be refreshed but which all the world envy us.

Below, the network of relationships between companies, promoted by Composad:

Caffè Castorino, roasting artisan „coffee for who love coffee“; Indikon – Carpet Edition, handcrafted carpets and fabrics; Ilide – Italian Light Design, lamps and floor lamps made by Italian craftsmen; Aurora Sofà, handcrafted couches and armchairs produced in Italy; Seletti, the daily revolution in furnishing, the way to decorate home with Italian style and finally Technogym, solution capable of enhancing everyone’s life style through physical exercise and living habits.

So, thanks to Composad and its „travel companion“, also in Shanghai, Italian style and Feelings will be able to catch people attention: so the recovery of Italian economy should based on the widespread of this Italian excellences in the world.

Composad is an obvious example.